Timothy Dalton

This is great service, I really admire. Groppe really dedicate the welfare of humanity general particularly in this country. This great, great work & great service to humanity in general particularly the less privileged or unfortunate people.

Crye Cara

I continue to be inspired that AAOKENYA was founded by a group of like minded people who have made it their mission to aid in improving the quality of life for so many people living with Allergies & Asthma in their communities in Kenya.AAOKENYA executes their missions successfully as they partner, strategize and support a …

Jason Haas & Catherine Haas

We are proud to support the great work AAOKENYA is doing. Their approach really meets the grassroot peer to peer patients,caregivers and people living with athma. We look forward to being part of your family in the good work and in your campaigns