The past few years have been a tremendous time of growth and
change for our organization. We have adopted a new name, new
leadership, and a new outlook. The change from Allergy & Asthma CBO Narok Kenya to Allergy & Asthma Organization of Kenya is the result of a great deal of organizational review, recognizing that AAOKENYA
represents the voice for ALL Kenyans affected by asthma;
including those living with asthma, as well as their caregivers,
families, healthcare providers and support networks. As we
transition from the Allergy & Asthma cbo to Allergy & Asthma Organization Kenya, we have undertaken the development of a 3 year strategic plan
which will help us embody our new values and realize our goals.
We have developed a strategy that recognizes what we are
and looks ahead to what we would like to be – and what we
can be. It has been consultations with staff, Board members and members of the community we serve. What emerged from this engagement were
five key priorities to focus on in the coming 3 years:

  1. We must be grounded in our community and be led by the
    needs of our community. We must engage and empower the Allergy,
    Asthma,COPD’s and other Respiratory related diseases community through their involvement in our programs,
    services and advocacy efforts.
  2. The needs of our community are paramount. We must educate
    and inform people living with Allergy,asthma,COPD’s and other related respiratory diseases and their families, enabling choices for better symptom management.
  1. Research saves and improves lives. We must support
    researchers working to find better treatments, understand the
    range of impacts of living with asthma and search for a cure.
  2. We are the voice of our community. We must speak up on
    behalf of our community through advocacy initiatives that push for
    asthma awareness and change.
  3. We must maximize our impact. We must strive for excellence
    in service delivery by continually streamlining our operational
    practices, maximize donor dollars, and apply best practices.
    As we implement the strategic plan over the next three years, we
    hope that you will continue to connect and engage with AAOKENYA, working together with us to support us in our vision of a
    future without asthma and join us in fulfilling our goals.