We offer a number of ways for you to get involved! Whether you come to us as a person living with asthma, a parent or caregiver, a healthcare provider or any other kind of stakeholder, there are many opportunities to contribute to the asthma community throughout the country.

AAOKENYA Member Alliance (AAOKMA)

AAOKMA is the community arm and voice of AAOKENYA made up of people living with asthma, parents/caregivers, healthcare professionals and anyone who has been affected by asthma. AAOKMA seeks to increase awareness of asthma control, advocates on issues on behalf of Kenyans with asthma, and builds a network of volunteers dedicated to improving asthma care and education.

AAOKENYA Ambassadors

AAOKENYA Ambassadors are our grassroots volunteers who are committed to providing peer-to-peer support and education around asthma for friends, family, co-workers, and others in their community. AAOKENYA provides Ambassadors with training, support and resources.


Team Asthma members are Kenyans living with asthma and/or supporting asthma education and research by raising money through sports and physical activities. Members proudly wear the Team AAOKENYA logo and show that asthma can’t stop us from reaching our goals.